Physicians Filing A Disability Claim- What is Needed?

Disability does not often strike like lightening. It is often preceded by a gradual decline in work ability due to a progressive illness or disease. It is difficult to decide when is the time to file a disability claim, but we can help you with this analysis.  There are many intersecting issues with a physician becoming disabled, but the primary consideration is to continue to provide quality safe treatment to your patients. Stopping work before that becomes a problem is critical.  Another issue is how can you protect your practice's value for sale, if you are less able to perform the quantity or type of medical care to patients?  Finally, it is important to understand what financial documents are necessary to collect to substantiate the type of medical specialty you have been performing; in general most insurers require tax records as well as production summaries organized by CPT codes.  We discuss all of these issues with our clients who are physicians to ease their concerns and direct them in this important critical time in their lives.  We are available to help.
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