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New Jersey Disability lawyer Bonny Rafel handles ERISA (group) long term disability and individual disability insurance cases. She is nationally recognized by her peers for her outstanding knowledge and experience in this specialty of law. Her high demand as a lecturer demonstrates her talent, see Articles and Engagements section for some of her appearances and papers published on disability issues. Ms. Rafel's personal attention to each and every client along with her seasoned paralegal staff creates a welcome environment for her clients to benefit by her expertise and accomplished reputation as a leader in her field.  Her clients' successful claims are a testament to her decades of experience dealing with insurance companies both to advocate for approvals of claims and if the claims are denied, filing litigation in New Jersey State and Federal Court in many jurisdictions in the tri-state area, including New York. 

In addition to her clients rating their experience with her firm as excellent, she was honored with a wonderful letter of commendation by the National MS Society.

In addition to her disability law firm Ms. Rafel has recently accepted an invitation to be Of Counsel to  Gallagher Campanella LLC, a Morristown, NJ healthcare law firm.   Attorneys Nan Gallagher and Gina Campanella provide comprehensive care to a wide range of healthcare professionals.  Ms. Rafel will provide advise and counsel on disability matters to the firm's wide audience of healthcare professionals. 

Our clients hire us to help them collect all necessary documentation to submit their proof of their individual disability claims; to contest the wrongful denial or termination of benefits, and to plan and execute the necessary changes in their occupational status due to their medical disability.  This may involve significant changes in their professional medical or dental practice, going on leave from employment, arranging to work on a reduced basis.  We evaluate the disability contracts to establish the criteria for a successful claim and then execute our plan with our client.  We understand the importance of submitting a claim that is thorough and complete.  Our decades of experience working up a claim for acceptance gives us the knowledge to assist our disabled clients early as we review disability insurance policies and help them understand what evidence is needed to prove their claim for disability benefits.  We regularly assist our clients who have numerous insurance policies, such as Professional Individual Disability Insurance, Business Overhead Insurance, Group Coverage, even Life Insurance Waiver of Premium to integrate all of disability claims to optimize disability benefits for our clients.

Do not wait until your claim is denied before seeking our help.   Do not risk being denied the disability income benefits you deserve. Bonny G. Rafel, our many paralegals, nurse and legal clerks team up with you from the very start to help you obtain and keep your disability benefits. If you have been denied disability benefits we can file an appeal for you to enhance your chances of success. If you have already appealed the denial of your claim and lost, contact us to determine if we, New Jersey disability counsel, can litigate your claim in court. Of course we personally meet each client to assist disabled people file for short term disability benefits and long term disability benefits, both ERISA and individual disability claims.

Our New Jersey disability counsel can assist you with questions you have regarding your claim, no matter what insurance company is administering your case. Use the contact form located on our website to tell us about your claim and we will respond within 24 hours. Or, you may call us to give us the information over the telephone. Our sensitive, caring staff is eager to provide assistance.

We can provide legal advice and information regarding your long term disability benefits claim, whether you are applying for coverage or have been denied your disability benefits.  We do not handle Social Security Claims but can refer you to excellent social security lawyers in New Jersey that we coordinate with our legal assistance for your private disability case.   Our NJ disability lawyer has decades of experience helping disabled people obtain disability benefits from companies such as Unum, Provident, Paul Revere, Equitable, Aetna, John Hancock, Reliance, Reliance Standard, Prudential Financial, DMS, Hartford, Northwestern Mutual, Guardian, Berkshire, MetLife, Cigna, LINA, Mass Mutual. Do not chance losing these needed long term disability benefits because they affect both you and your family. (Please read the disclaimer).

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