Other Disability Benefits

Most companies provide disability income benefits for its employees. It is important to know what benefits in addition to disability income replacement may be available to you in the event that you become disabled and which will end.  In addition to receiving a percentage of your income while disabled, you may be eligible for continued life insurance with a waiver of premium and continued medical, dental or vision coverage for a period of time.  Look into
* whether your 401(k) matching contributions change,
* whether your employer will continue pension, stock options and other perks. 
Your employer, typically through the Human Resources Department will have the Employee Benefits Plan and must provide a Summary Plan Description to you upon request. This contains useful information.  In fact, ERISA regulations require that your employer provide to you, within 30 days of asking for it, a complete copy of the plan in effect. Understanding how your other ancillary benefits are impacted by your filing for disability is crucial to a smooth transition during this important time. Check our discussion on COBRA which provides medical coverage to you if your medical insurance ends once you become disabled.
Bonny G. Rafel LLC can provide counsel on these issues.

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