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We often receive calls from lawyers handling automobile accidents claims, work related accidents, and medical malpractice cases for clients who have been injured and cannot work. Having handled tort matters for over a dozen years, I understand the focus of these cases. Do you know that when a client's claim is denied, you often have the right to demand their entire claim file? Do you know the nuances of handling an appeal pre-litigation?  I realize that these claimants need an attorney who understands the specialty of disability insurance to work up these cases. You would regret having monitored the disability case if benefits are denied and the denial is upheld on appeal. We can coordinate your personal injury/malpractice claim with the disability matter.  We will handle your client very carefully and honor the relationship you have with them. On certain cases, we can pay a referral fee; this can be discussed of course. Contact us to discuss your client's case and whether it would be in their best interests to engage our firm as disability counsel.

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