A NJ Disability Lawyer's Commentary- When To File for Disability Benefits

When should you file your disability claim? This appears to be a simple question, but there is no universal answer for all of our  new jersey disability clients. For some people, working is not just a livelihood, its a way of life. It is what keeps them going each day. To them, stopping work is a battle, it takes the wind out of their sails.  Some clients call me after we file the disability claim, explaining that they feel lost, with no direction each day.  Their lives were so regulated before, and now there is so much time to fill.  For others, the day when the diagnosis is reached is a milestone for them, because they now know that the treatment to encounter is going to be difficult to endure and working is out of the question.

We represent disabled people who each have to answer this important question, and we try to provide them with the important guidance and counsel. We explain what to expect from the insurance filing process.  Once you’ve made that decision you need to contact the insurance company because most policies require notice within 30 or 60 days that you are unable to work. Do not wait six months, eight months, a year and then file as some policies contain firm limits, deadlines which will prevent you from obtaining the benefits if you wait too long. The insurance company is entitled to investigate your claim to determine whether you are entitled to benefits.  If you don’t give them fair notice of your disability, you have handicapped them to investigate your case. So you need to file for disability when you can no longer work. Be sure your doctor, who is going to support your case will complete forms on your behalf. We can help you to understand the process for filing for disability benefits and assist you with your claim which, in our experience greatly increases the chances that your claim will be approved. .

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