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We are experienced consumer attorneys providing quality legal representation to people seeking health and disability benefits. Bonny Rafel along with our talented staff, focus on disability, health and life insurance matters. Sick and Disabled people are in need of quality, caring representation by litigators who are familiar with the practices of the insurance industry. We are efficient, effective and know how the get the best results for our clients.  See our blog at 

Note: We do not handle Social Security claims, but can refer you to attorneys who do!


Our staff includes many talented people, including Nurse Paralegal Eileen Scheid, Paralegals Michael Thompson, Lucia Petullo, Casey Sinegra, Jennifer Ravago, intake clerk, Valerie Delman, Paralegal bookkeeper Emily Zales. We protect your legal rights to continued disability benefits.The unique input of paralegals trained in the law and medicine keep our clients regularly informed as to the status of their claims so each client knows that his/her disability case is being monitored by paralegals and counsel.

Please use this link to contact us, email us at or call us at (973)-845-2600. We will call as soon as we receive your contact. When you email us, provide detailed information!

We look forward to hearing from you. If we cannot help you, we may be able to help locate an experienced attorney who can.

Florham Park, NJ

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